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CO2ools (1 set)

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CO2ools Handles Trailside Tasks.
As mountain bike riders (or cyclists, or commuters) we are concerned with the economy of space, weight, waste, and personal finance. At Clever Standard our CO2ools are the solution to those concerns. We recognize that your CO2 cartridge, full or spent, makes the perfect tool handle. From manufacturing to space necessary on the bike there is no longer the need for this extra piece of hardware. CO2ools’ light weight modular heads securely thread on to your existing CO2 cartridge to give you full size tool to get the job done.

When you order, please specify the color you like.

*You need CO2 cartridge(either empty or new) to maximize CO2ools’ performance.

Function list:
- Tubeless tire plugger (designed for 3.5mm plugs)
- Nipple wrench, 3.23mm & 3.30mm (SW-0 & SW-1)
- Disc brake rotor truing wrench